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Student Voice

Thank you to all schools who replied to the invitation to attend the International conference on "Student Voice - the Bridge to learning" which takes place on Wednesday, 13th December in Dublin Castle. We are pleased to note that a large number of schools have shown an interest in the invitation and the opportunity to attend. This invitation is now closed.

As I noted in my original email, places will be offered on a "first come, first served" basis and I will return to all interested schools once I have confirmation from the NCCA regarding the number available on the day.  Unfortunately, given the numbers who have shown interest in this project, we will not be able to accommodate all however I am working closely with the NCCA to ensure that ACCS is allocated as many places as possible.

The plan is to offer 2 places to each school with a view to school management and a classroom teacher promoting and championing the area of student voice in the school.  This will involve the individual school working with the NCCA during the year as it embeds the ideas in its own classrooms.

Over the next few weeks and once numbers are finalised, I will get back to you to advise if you have secured a place at the conference.

Áine O'Sullivan,

Úrsceala Eile

ACCS Head Office

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