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Retrospective Vetting Progress Update

Vetting Overview

This year so far

  • the Teaching Council has vetted 23,739 teachers 
  • the number of registered teachers who had not been vetted by the Council has reduced from 32,500 to just over 16,000.

Retrospective Vetting Process Update

Figures from 22 August show that of the 13,357 teachers who have been issued with notices to apply for vetting

  • 12,647 have fully complied with the vetting requirement.
  • 418 have not yet fully complied and are being issued with follow-up notices.
  • 280 retirees/no longer teaching members have been removed voluntarily from the register
  • 12 have been removed for non-compliance.

Retrospective Vetting Next Phase

In mid-September, the final cohort of just over 16,000 teachers on the register who have not previously been vetted through the Council will be requested to apply for vetting.

This process is linked to the 28 March, the renewal date for most of these teachers.

Teachers’ 2018 renewal of registration will be reliant on teachers having applied for vetting where requested to do so. The Teaching Council will then have achieved its goal of requiring all registered teachers to undergo vetting as part of their registration renewal.

All stakeholders are requested to encourage their members/associates to cooperate fully when notices are received.

Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Margaret Dempsey, Vetting Section, The Teaching Council,.

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