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Planning for Wellbeing - Your Support Requested!

Arising from a degree of confusion relating to the provision of 400 hours of Wellbeing at junior cycle, Annette Honan of NCCA is seeking to provide some additional clarity and support to schools.

Annette writes:

The NCCA developed guidelines to support schools in planning for wellbeing in 2015, and would now like to gather and share real examples of how schools are actually planning for wellbeing. If you are interested in sharing your JC wellbeing programme and how it was developed then Annette Honan would love to hear from you (  It is envisaged that a number of wellbeing programmes (representing different school types and sizes) will be published without identifying the actual school with the aim of informing planning. 

It is envisaged that this sharing of your plans or current provision would initially be by way of a telephone conversation with Annette and shouldn’t prove to be a burden to you. On the other hand, it would be hugely helpful to have a range of exemplars of what our schools are planning and doing and hopefully, this sharing would reassure other principals as well as offering some new strategies.

If you can help us with this important initiative, please get in touch directly with Annette at the email above.

Thanks, as ever, for your great support,

Úrsceala Eile

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