Structures of ACCS

Fri, Oct 19th, 2018 2:48:10 pm

The Association is governed by an Annual Convention and it operates under the direction of an Executive (Board of Directors).
The President is elected by the members at the annual Convention.

The Executive Committee comprises a maximum of eighteen (18) members, including the President elected by delegates at annual Convention as follows:

  1. City and County of Dublin 3
  2. Rest of Leinster 3
  3. Ulster 2
  4. Munster 3
  5. Connacht 2
  6. Comprehensive Schools 2

The elected members of the National Executive co-opt 2 others from the membership of the Association.

The Executive Committee elects from among its membership:

A Vice President, an Honorary Treasurer and an Honorary Secretary.

The Past President is also an ex- officio member of the Executive for 1 year after he/she steps down from the Presidency of ACCS.

ACCS Officers, Trustees and Executive/Directors 2018/2019

President: Mr. Paul Fiorentini
Vice-President: Mr. James Duignan
Hon. Secretary: Mr. Noralene NíUrdáil
Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Paul Thornton
General Secretary:  Mr. John Irwin

Executive Committee

City and Co. of Dublin Community Schools

Mr. Paul Crone
Ms. Brenda Kelly
Ms. Elizabeth Tierney

Leinster Community Schools

Mr. Paul Thornton
Ms. Geraldine Keena
Ms. Mary Jackson

Munster Community Schools

Mr. Dermot Healy
M. Norallene Ní Urdáil
Mr. Denis Ring

Connacht Community Schools

Mr Michael Brett

Mr. Adrian Jackson

Ulster Community Schools

Mr. Jimmy Keogh
Ms. Patricia Graham


Mr. Craig Petrie
An tUas Tomás ÓNidh


Mr. James Duignan

Mr.. David Leahy