ACCS Services

Fri, Aug 22nd, 2014 2:47:18 pm

The ACCS Head Office is the administrative centre through which it's General Secretary and Secretariat acts on behalf of its membership. It is the administrative centre for information, research, action and advice.

The service provided by the ACCS office staff constitutes a key link with all of the schools within the network. The following is a brief outline of the ongoing service provided by the Secretariat to member Boards of Management as well as to the ACCS Executive and its constituent Sub-Committees/Working Parties/Task Forces. These services are in turn available to all the affiliated members of ACCS and to the general public when and where appropriate and requested.

Secretariat services:

  • Telephone and email queries
  • Consultations
  • Deputations to the DES
  • Communications with the Education Partners
  • Resolution of Industrial Relations issues/conflict
  • Management of Continuous Professional Development Programmes (CPD)
  • Secretariat to the Executive and Sub-committees of ACCS
  • Representation of ACCS on various committees
  • Dissemination of procured advice as required e.g. legal opinion, IBEC
  • Provision of Secretarial Services to the National Trustee Forum (NTF)

Issues of broad consequence may also impact on each school in its practical day-to-day application and operation. Members of the Secretariat deal with a multiplicity of different issues during the average day relating to schools. However, regardless of the query the Secretariat of ACCS endeavours to offer a friendly, informative and professional service with appropriate guidance and support to the membership as needs dictate.

ACCS also:

  • Represents, protects and actively promotes the interests of the members of the Association and the general membership within the education sector in Ireland
  • Informs, assists and directs the membership of ACCS in responding to and implementing the provisions set down in legislation relevant to the Post-Primary sector
  • Contributes by way of negotiation, consultation and submission to the drafting and publication of legislation which promotes the interests and enhances the development of the Post-Primary education sector
  • Promotes the development and implementation of appropriate education and training policies for the sector
  • Conducts research, develops and delivers appropriate education and training programmes targeted at the general membership within the sector. This is largely achieved through the delivery of national/regional training and developmental seminars relevant to the needs of the Community and Comprehensive Schools education sector
  • Promotes the interests of Community and Comprehensive Schools through publicity, public relations and the dissemination of publications, newsletters etc. as the need arises

ACCS is represented on the following education related commissions/initiatives:

  • NCCA (Council & Curriculum Development Groups)
  • NCCA Junior Cycle Review Committee
  • NCCA Senior Cycle Review Committee
  • Traveller Education Advisory Committee (DES)
  • CROSSCARE, Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin (Traveller education)
  • Occupational Health Service
  • Blackrock Education Centre
  • Drumcondra Education Centre
  • Teaching Council
  • National Educational Welfare Board (NEWB)
  • ISSU Management Advisory Committee Second Level Schools
  • Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST)
  • Teachers Conciliation Council TCC

Post of Responsibility Appeals

In the event of an appeal by a teacher in regard to a post of responsibility appointment ACCS provides the secretariat to the Independent Appeals Board.  Please find attached below the Post of Responsibility Teacher Appeal Form and the Post of Responsibility Management Response to Appeal Form.